Fur Elise: Bagatelles for Piano by L. V. Beethoven

Für Elise: Bagatelles for Piano by Ludwig Van Beethoven

Stephanie McCallum

The score for the recently-discovered Piano Piece in F minor, which is probably Beethoven's last piano work, and which has its first recording on this disc, can be purchased from inter-note.

"Pleasant little piano piece may be Beethoven's last work". Sydney Morning Herald, 5 September, 2008

"Scholar finds `Beethoven's last piano work' in library" The Independent. 9 September, 2008

This disc, released in August 2008, contains Beethoven's three published sets of Bagatelles, opus 33, opus 119 and opus 126 as well as nine other short pieces in a similar style, ranging from the WoO 59 in A minor, better known under the title of Für Elise, to the Waltz and Ecossaise, WoO 85 and 86, which Beethoven wrote as a charity gesture for a disabled actor in 1826 and which were the last published piano pieces that he wrote. The set concludes with a dip into Beethoven's last sketchbook, the Kullak sketchbook. Stephanie plays a series of short snippets from this sketchbook, each of interest in its own right, and prepared for performance by Stephanie's husband, the musicologist, Peter McCallum. The last of these, is a simple attractive short piece in F minor and is believed by Peter to be the last piano piece that Beethoven wrote. It is recorded here for the first time and has now been published by inter-note.


Seven Bagatelles, Op. 33


Bagatelle in A minor, WoO 59 'Für Elise'


Bagatelle in C major, WoO 54


Allegretto in C major, WoO 56


Presto in C minor, WoO 52


Eleven Bagatelles, Op. 119


Six Bagatelles, Op. 126


Bagatelle in B-flat major, WoO 60


Allegretto in B minor, WoO 61


Allegretto quasi andante in G minor, WoO 61a


Waltz in D major, WoO 85


Ecossaise in E-flat major, WoO 86


From the Kullak sketchbook: Piano Piece in A major


From the Kullak sketchbook: Piano Piece in C-sharp minor


From the Kullak sketchbook: Piano Piece in E-flat major


From the Kullak sketchbook: Piano Piece in F minor