The Liszt Album

The Liszt Album. ABC Classics 472 673-2

"It's only March but I'm ready to take a punt on The Liszt Album as recording of the year...The tremendous B minor sonata grips from the first. McCallum gives such a strong sense of knowing the vicissitudes of the journey ahead that one surrenders gratefully..."-Deborah JONES. The Weekend Australian. 22-23 March, 2003.

Franz Liszt (1811 - 1886)

The selection includes the popular Consolation No. 3, the flirtatious Valse-Impromptu, several transcriptions of songs by Mendelssohn and Schubert, a selection of Transcendental Etudes and concludes with Liszt's masterpiece, the Sonata in B minor.

1)Six Consolations, S172 (1844-50)
No. 3 in D-flat major (Lento placido)

2)Valse-Impromptu, S213 (1850-52)

3)7 Mendelssohn Lieder, S547
No. 1 'Auf Flugeln des Gesanges' (On Wings of Song)
after FELIX MENDELSSOHN (1809-1847), trans. Franz Liszt (1840)

4)Die Forelle (The Trout), S564
after FRANZ SCHUBERT (1797-1828), trans. Franz Liszt (second version - 1846)

5)Schwanengesang, S560
No. 7 'Ständchen' (Serenade)
after FRANZ SCHUBERT, trans Franz Liszt (1838-9)

6)12 Lieder, S558
No. 2 'Auf dem Wasser zu singen' (To Sing on the Water)
after FRANZ SCHUBERT, trans Franz Liszt (1837-8)

12 Etudes d'execution transcendante, S139 (1851)

7) No. 3 Paysage (Landscape)'

8)No. 9 Ricordanza (Remembrance)
9)No. 12 Chasse-neige (Snow-drifts)

10)Sonata in B minor, S178 (1853)
Lento assai - Allegro energico - Grandioso - Recitativo - Andante sostenuto- Quasi adagio - Allegro energico - Piu mosso - Stretta, quasi presto -Presto - Prestissimo - Andante sostenuto - Allegro moderato - Lento assai